Covid19 Solution - Artificial Intelligence based system T.O.I

Andrés Cuestas CEO of PREDICO A.I, an artificial intelligence company that traditionally focuses on physiological measurement for cognitive analysis, explains that artificial intelligence can be applied in various ways for COVID19.

In particular, we have made 3 different solutions available to the authorities and private companies. The most recent is a TOI algorithm that uses the measurement of physiological variables through a video captured with the mobile device or webcam of the computer where artificial intelligence can analyze from the video variables such as cardiac pulse, blood pressure and HRV. (Heart rate variability), This is possible because human skin contains cellular structures and proteins that can interact with visible light and these can be correlated with the functioning of the cardiovascular system, very small changes in the amount of light and color imperceptible to humans but detectable by the algorithm, this allows the technology based on the application of TOI (Trasndermal Optical Imaging) to detect these changes and infer the signals.


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Cuestas mentions that TOI (Nuralogix) technology has been validated, reviewed and published in high-impact scientific journals (Q1) and are currently indexed in PubMed, this means that it has gone through a strict academic review process and in said process It was compared to sensors that make physical contact with people, finding that it is highly accurate and this is possible thanks to the application of neural networks and deep learning, one of the fields of artificial intelligence.


The possibility of empowering people with zero cost measuring devices, reusing the hardware is in your pocket is powerful since they do not require using anything other than the camera of your cell phone or computer.


How does the prognostic diagnosis of COVID help measure these variables ?, Cuestas reports that one of the most important biomarkers is HRV (Heart rate variability), this goes beyond a simple pulse measurement, HRV is a good indicator that It has been shown to have a high correlation of the functioning of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) with processes of infection and sepsis. A deterioration of this indicator for several days could be correlated with a loss of the proper functioning of the ANS, which could be a marker of COVID infection or otherinfection useful as a more sophisticated signal to guide medical judgment. On the other hand, people already diagnosed who have treatment at home could be an early sign of the patient's evolutionary deterioration.This type of technology has been used for other physiological analyzes and we believe that it has great utility in this pandemic and given the new reality to which we will have to adjust to the fact that remote measurements can contribute significantly, companies that are not in Isolation or those that have been recently authorized, for example, can use it to monitor symptoms and indicators of their personnel, improving biosecurity decision-making, early detection and monitoring.The signal extraction process and the result extracted from the video are performed by a Machine Learning algorithm that uses intensive computing resources and operates on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, thanks to which they have been able to have immediate scalability, Cuestas also mentions that they have been one of the companies that have sent proposals to the national government through INNPULSA ecosystem of which it is part.Artificial intelligence can open new possibilities that were previously only in the imagination of science fiction creators and that can contribute to optimizing the health resources, detection and monitoring of people in the challenge that we will have as a society to gradually open up productive activities .

TOI Proposal to the Colombian Goverment.